Harry Mindgame comes armed with a couple of new projects.  Modul8r and Vanderpool’s World.  Modular will be heavily focussed on tracks build via modular synthesis which has been absorbing his time during 2016 – 2017.  This will be an exploration of sound that aim to apply what has been discovered to his old stomping ground of HipHop/R&B and Soulful House.  Should be interesting to see what come out of this.

Vanderpool’s World will be Harry Mindgame going deep into Soulful House with a tinge of Neo Soul for good measure.  As last year has been focussed on discovering new sounds and concepts, the aim is to bring them to the fore in this project.  Expect a dose of funk in there too as he has also been rediscovering the late 70’s and early 80’s deep and pure funk sounds.  This will be very heavy.


2015 Mindlab Recordings Limited.