A’s Theme – Harry Mindgame Remix


Jordan Trove – The Remixes – My Philosophy‘ EP
Featuring the Harry Mindgame remix of the track:  A’s Theme



Product Description

Jordan Trove – The RemixesThe Remixes ‘My Philosophy‘ EP
Featuring Remixes by Joonya T, Harry Mindgames, JayClectic and Jordan Trove

The Remixes ‘My Philosophy‘ EP brings you a very eclectic sound and guarantees something for everyone ranging from Soulful House to Tech House!
There not a dance floor safe with these remixes playing!

1. A’s Theme (Harry Mindgame Remix)
Written & Produced by Harry Mindgame
Keyboards & Piano Solo: Harry Mindgame
Drum & Percussions: Harry Mindgame
Synth Bass: Harry Mindgame
Arrangement: Harry Mindgame
Mixing & Recording Engineer: Harry Mindgame
Pre Mastering: Mr.Eclectic of JayClectic Music
Mastered By Mr.Eclectic @ JayClectic Music
Publishing: JayClectic Music

Harry Mindgame will also continue to push out remixes and productions under the existing Harry Mindgame moniker. Look out for big releases on JayClectic and Mindlab Recordings.  He will be delving into his Soulful House and AfroTech sound.