LIFEFORMS: Concept.  A departure project for me into the world of modular synthesis and sounds.  After re-building my studio for the 3rd time a new angle was approached.  Moving away from just sampled sounds I decided to focus on something a little different. Hooking up online with colleagues who were also inspired by modular synthesis […]

Harry Mindgame Remix of Jordan Trove’s A’s Theme on Traxsource

  With a slew of upcoming releases on his label and with colleagues such as JayClectic, Harry Mindgame is back doing what he loves best, Producing and remixing music On this occasion, Harry Mindgame has teamed up with JayClectic to complete a remix of one of their projects on the JayClectic label. Asked by Mr […]

CV FREQS VII London presents: MODUL8R

MODUL8R MODUL8R has his debut gig with a full Modular setup.  The alter ego of Harry Mindgame will be in full analogue mode at this event performing a set which will be focussed on bringing out the best of his rig and pushing the boundaries with a blend of Modular synthesiser music, Deep House, HipHop, Dub and ModBap. Saturday, […]

JayClectic Album Release: Our Story

JayClectic: – Album: Our Story (available on Traxsource)  JayClectic aka Jay and Mr.Eclectic are Dj/Producers based out of Baltimore, MD. Mr.Eclectic born in (London England) has been Djing for 18yrs and producing now for the past 5yrs. He has had the pleasure of being mentored by some of the best in the industry. Jay born in […]

11th January 2016 – Love Life release date:

Love Life by Harry Mindgame feat Mr Mentz release their debut track Love Life. It will be worth the wait!!

Love Life (Video Shoot) – Harry Mindgame Feat: Mr Mentz.

What a day!  Buzzing around the West End of London and Soho.  We managed to get around the weekend shoppers to film the video.  Love Life featuring Harry Mindgame & Mr Mentz.  Strider Acrameth did the camera work and managed to get some great shots.  Kecia Elan Cole did the video edit and managed to […]


Sunday 25th October saw the video shoot for Love Life by Harry Mindgame & Mr Mentz. A typical autumn day but fortunately there was no rain! That lead to us being able to get some great shots in and around the West End and Soho. We managed to get everything we needed for the story […]

ADE 2015

Mindlab Recordings will be attending ADE 2015. Looking forward to loads of meetings and events.

Harry Mindgame feat Mr Mentz: Love Life

Harry Mindgame release the track Love Life that features the microphone skills of Mr Mentz.  He weave’s an addictive story of life in London.  The challenges people face and the difficulties with survival.

DJ Mr Jay Presents: New Soul Vol1

Dj Mr Jay Presents New Soul Vol 1: New soul music is the future and from an early age of being involved in the world of sound systems in the early 1980’s, I was taught to play the latest songs when performing to the audience. In 2009 we brought the concept of “New Soul” to […]


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