Mr Mentz is a staple of the London underground HipHop scene. He has the ability to move through genres lyrically from HipHop, Grime and Dancehall styles. He adapts his flow to each and never missing a beat.
A prolific writer and artist, he paints a vivid picture of his urban landscape and draws you into his world where you feel as if you are actually living it with him in his detailed portrayal of life.
It has been an effort to capture the elusive Mr Mentz on a recording as you have to track him and convince him that you will help his to get his story across in the right way. Mr Mense is an enigma
He has formally worked with Bad Manner and SirReal on past projects and was part of their original crew years ago.
Now featured MC on the Harry Mindgame single “Love Life” and album Mind Adventures. Mr Mentz will be working on his own long term project.

This is one UK MC to watch out for.