With last years hit “You Never Know” and the forthcoming release of “Saturday” – both written and produced by Morjac – beautiful 20 year old Marly is realizing what so many people just dream about. Her fine-tuned talents belie her age and have secured her a high profile among the elite circle of the most influential Pop, Dance, and House producers.

We consider Marly the brightest rising star from Montana, not least because of her youth, appearance and contagious personality, but also because she is extremely ambitious and hard-working, with lots of natural vocal ability and a charismatic stage presence.

In February, 2004, Marly’s first single “You Never Know” was released in Denmark, Marly’s home country, where it reached an impressive #1 in the National airplay charts, #1 in the Club charts. It later topped at #4 and continued for 23 weeks on the US Billboard Dance airplay chart.  With an appearance on BBC’s Top of the Pops, #4 on MTV’s Dance chart, #22 on the official UK sales chart, and massive radio and DJ support all over the world, Marly is now ready with her new trackl “Saturday”!

The current dub version (with a scratch-track vocal) recently went in as #16 on the UK Cool Cuts chart, UK. It has been “Tune of the Week” on the GWR network by Howard Richie and played by Steve Smart (Kiss 100) and Judge Jules (BBC).

Marly’s Bio

Part 1:  The Business of Music

Imagine that it’s Friday night and you’re walking around with friends in the up-scale café district by the harbor, when you hear a street singer along the promenade who has just lost his “cool”, and begun hustling the by-passers instead of serenading them:

What does a 18-year-old Dane like Marly do?

  1. Turn around and go the other way?
  2. Grab her friend’s hand–tight–and walk past–fast?
  3. Throw some small change, politely, and move on?

“We sat down and bought him a beer, and gave him some cigarettes, and we talked for a while, and he sang some songs for us– his voice was very strong, soul/rock-and-roll . . . and then he asked me to sing a song for him.

“When I finished singing, it’s like he begins to flip out again, this time like a street prophet, predicting all kinds wild fame and fortune, and then he says, “I actually know a guy in the music business, who you gotta call!” That guy was Jacob Johansen of Montana Entertainment.

I was young, and maybe a bit naive, so I just called him up, you know, and then he asked me to sing for him– over the phone!

“Try and figure out the music business– my “inside connection” was a busker and I sang my “audition” into a telephone receiver.”

Marly’s Bio

Part 2:  The Passion for Music

Exactly two years and alot of hard work later,
Marly is #22 in the UK Sales Chart and topped at #4 in her native Denmark,
Marly, who’s off-stage name is Ditte-Marie Lyfeldt, was born on the 25th of July, 1984, in Vangede, Denmark.

Marly grew up on the outskirts of Copenhagen, in north Sjaelland, with parents who were both music lovers, and active in local theater.  No stranger to the stage, Marly made her theatrical debut at the age of 6 in a musical production of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”.

“My Mother listened to musicals and more jazzy stuff.  My Dad was into rock–Pink Floyd being my favorite. I was always entertaining guests when I was really young: whether it was family, friends, or visitors– no potential audience was spared my little musical routines.”

Marly continued doing local theater and going to singing lessons in her pre-teen years. But there was a new revelation awaiting her—

“My Dad has always worked at Roskilde Festival– I’ve been going there since I was 11– so I can remember the first time I saw Alanis Morrisette, being SO amazed at the sound –the energy–one girl with a band could generate!  Up to that day I guess I mostly dreamed about someday being on Broadway . . .”

“But from that time on my school friends and I began putting bands together, singing mostly evergreens, everthing from Disco (We!-Are-A-Fam-i-ly!) to Beatles to Sting, and of course David Bowie–

“Bowie was my absolute biggest idol; Prince, and Bjork, were inspirations to me, and I knew back then that this is what I wanted to do–to sing for thousands of people–to show the world just what I was made of–to be someone, like my idols, who was impossible to over-look.

The first cd I bought was Cut’n’Move –You know– I’m a child of the 90’s.”

“Working with these bands in my school days, I got a taste of that energy–when a rock band backs you up on stage– and that, for me, is the best . . . It just felt right . . . and it still does . . . I just get a kick out of performing with a rockin’ band behind me!”

Out of high school, she continued her musical education at Copenhagen’s rhythmic music conservatory, which she supplemented with private singing lessons.  It was at this point in her life that Marly  contacted Montana Entertainment, and this collaboration with Morjac has resulted in her hit, “You Never Know”.

“I was  scheduled to sing it at a music awards ceremony in Aarhus last winter.  I called some musician friends from Copenhagen, they learned the song on the train, we played it a few hours later, and people liked it so much, they booked us for the 2004 Danish DJ Awards.”  (See this Live Performance at

Part 3:  “One Step Further . . .”

“It’s tough to put on a good show–a real great show–no matter what kind of music it is you’re doing. I guess that some people just have the ability of catching people’s attention–they can do almost anything and get away with it.

“Sometimes I go to hear bands that I really, really like, but then end up looking at my watch, drifting over to the bar, wondering when it’s going to be over, ’cause they’re just not really making contact with the audience.

“On the other hand, I went to Roskilde this year really  looking forward to seeing Bowie, and he was replaced by Slipknot–whose music I’m really not into–but they were magnificent–what a show!

“Another unbelievable performer is Peaches–hard core electronic and just fantastic–and you never really notice that she’s alone on stage–she does it all!

“In Denmark, where I come from,  you’re not supposed to ‘show off’–so musicians often under-play their roll as entertainers . . .  I’ve gotten over that.

“You can never hide on stage–you kinda just have to do what’s natural to you–and then go one step further . . .

“At this point in my life, I feel really at home, really safe, on stage . . . of course, I get nervous just before I’m about to go on–but, I don’t feel there’s any danger out there–

I just love it!”