The foundations of Harry Mindgame lay in the realm of Sound Systems where his journey began. First DJ’d at school aged 15 with borrowed equipment. The real knowledge came when he joined the ranks of Soul Incorporated Roadshow, where he was schooled in Soul, R&B, Jazz and early Hip-Hop. It was during this time he met up with the people who would take him in the direction of Hip Hop.
As an offshoot of the R&B promotions that Soul Incorporated Roadshow were doing at that time. Mr Jay (Soul Incorporated) and MindGame set about establishing HipHop shows that showcased UK talent. These were the 100% HipHop and GoGo Sessions, Parts 1 – 5 which featured MindGame under his original alias of MC Turbo C.
These sessions went on for a number of years and featured artists who later went on to be signed with major and independent labels.
Production had always featured in the live shows they put on at that time which employed the use of early samplers and the legendary TR 808 drum machine. This led to the next stage of Hip Hop Productions and remixes. Mindgame delved deep into technology which was his other interest and started the process of producing the sonic sounds and twists of his Hip Hop beats.
During this time Mindgame has continued in the club promotion game by co-producing Pure Indulgence Promotions concept which focussed on Street Soul a& Rare Groove classic music. He also produced Mind Adventures Promotions which focussed on live musicians fused with a DJ playing Deep, Tech and Soulful House. The future will see Mind Adventures Promotions developing new shows and concepts.
Experimentations with different forms of music and the urge to expand musical styles has seen Mindgame challenge the standard definitions for what is seen as Hip Hop, R&B and House. There is a need to take the music form forward with new ideas and fusing the standard expectations of Hip Hop with genre defying sounds. These are the elements that, had made Hip Hop great, and has had such a wide impact on other musical forms.
The Founder of Mindlab Recordings has been steadily refocusing his time on building up projects and collaborations. As well covering his core base of hiphop, R&B and the deeper sounds of house, he has delved in Modular Synthesis to expand his sound palette.
As member of both the House and HipHop communities as well as being a DJ that has been a R&B DJ, Harry Mindgame over the years has been fortunate to have met artists and musicians from all of these genres. Has spent a considerable amount of time promoting events that cover these musical spheres. More recently they have focussed on Deep and Soulful House where his connections on the scene run very deep.

With a slew of upcoming releases on his label and with colleagues such as JayClectic, Harry Mindgame is back doing what he loves best, Producing and remixing music