Beatmonstas – Lets Talk About Love/Telephone Call Away

BeatsMonstas was born of several different crews in Chicago. More specifically, “the Knexxus Know-How” (Blah-zae-Blah, Bottom Half now known as Daily Plannet, & Buc Rogers), “The SoreLosers” (Vibe Percent later known as Sac.Fly, Big O AKA Therapy, Kovas & Wale) and a production / management company called “USBF2”. Each hold significant stakes in the history of how Beatmonstas was born.

In 1992, Columbia College Chicago was the place where all of the artist types went to hone their skill and politic with other aspiring artists of all sorts. Nearly every other day it seemed there were shows in the “Hokin Annex” student lounge on Wabash and parties in the “Underground” cafeteria of the main building on Michigan ave . There was never a surprise in or around Columbia’, to see a cipher with the who’s who of Chicago’s hip-hop scene. Which is exactly how most of these long lasting BM family ties were spawn.

Most of the 2 crews (“the Knexxus Know-how” & “The Sore Losers”) met while attending Columbia College. With the exception of a few of them who happen to grow up together, these young hungry groups of emcees forged alliances in every way imaginable. For instance, Nipples tha PIMP and Noble Dru were friends since elementary school and they both attended Columbia College together where they met Blah-Zae-Blah and a host of other Emcees, DJs, Gods & Earths.

Bosa and Phashara, native west siders, met Nipples tha PIMP in a music management class. Nipples introduced Phashara and Bosa to Quasheim of Blah-Zae-Blah. Blah-Zae-Blah was signed to a production / management deal with USBF2 at this point. Quasheim heard Bosa and Phashara spit in the underground one night and suggested that they be a group. Then Vibe Percent was born which included Bosa , Phashara & Trust (DJ / Producer). Vibe Percent soon after signed a production / management deal with USBF2 themselves.

USBF2 was smart enough to sign Bottom Half (now known as Daily Plannet of Family Tree), Blah-Zae-Blah, Vibe Percent, Mental Bullies (Nipples tha PIMP& Noble Dru AKA Buc Rogers),Brother John 7 Adam, BoM (Brothers On a Mission) and several other notable rap acts that had gained momentum on Chicago’s underground hip-hop scene. Through the alliances formed at Columbia College and USBF2 “the Knexxus Know-how” was formed. It was like a mega crew of some of the hottest acts in Chicago.

During the years of 1992-1994 USBF2 was THEE source for raw hip-hop flavor and almost every emcee and/or rap act wanted to be apart of it. Most of USBF2’s acts were regular performers at Chicago’s most note worthy venues. USBF2 had there acts opening for the likes of Redman, BDP, Tupac, Apache and Pete Rock & CL Smooth. Many labels courted Blah Zae Blah and other acts in the line up. Blah Zae Blah eventually landed a deal with 4th & Broadway as a result. A couple of the acts were even nominated for local awards. Nipples tha PIMP had garnered much respect with his “The Last Crate” hip-hop show on WCRX college radio station. It seemed that USBF2 had the world in the palm of it’s hand. However, dissension in the ranks of the management heads of USBF2 shattered many dreams and even ended some very promising careers.

After the fall of USBF2, Knexxus Know-how imploded and no one seemed to know who to trust anymore. “The Knexxus Know-how” soon became Blah-Zae-Blah, Bottom Half, & Buc Rogers. Vibe Percent, Nipples tha PIMP, a young emcee named Kovas and later Wale, formed a crew named Sore Losers.

Somewhere along the way everyone went there separate ways. Blah Zae broke up then got dropped from the label they were signed to. Nipples, Noble Dru and Diamond Back (formerly Brother John 7 Adam ) formed Phort Knoxx. Vibe Percent became Sac. Fly and continued to make a mark with the Sore Losers but by 1998 or so even they had an uncertain future. Sac. Fly broke up and got back together and broke up again. Kovas moved to NY. Half of this big elaborate crew weren’t even communicating with one another. That was the end of life was we all knew it…

Fast forward to 2003… Phashara, of Sac. Fly / Sore Losers, began producing music, worked on a solo EP & put together a 5 piece hip-hop band. Noble Dru and Nipples tha PIMP decided to produce music under the name of Beatmonstas. Diamond Back and Noble Dru asked Phashara to join their group Phort Knoxx and he did.

With all of these new ventures on the table it became clear to all involved (Phashara, Diamond Back, Aum Mu Ra, Noble Dru & Nipples tha PIMP)that there was a new chapter writing itself and Beatmonstas was its title.